I was so excited to read this book! It is irreverent yet full of soft love. The author, Nadia Bolz-Weber, describes herself as an unlikely minister. People tire her. She likes to be left alone, yet she is called to

The Exes’ Revenge


The title to this book should grab you. Who doesn’t have an ex you would love to show a little revenge to? However, in this book, three exes get together to not only fulfill their wishes of revenge, but to

Our House


Fi comes home to realize that someone is moving into her house. Why? Where is her stuff? Why is everyone acting like she is crazy? Later, she realizes that her kids are missing. Of course, this all can be traced

Dreams of Falling


Every Karen White book I have ever read has a lot of characters to keep up with. This book is no different. In the beginning, I was so confused as the characters are introduced and time switched back and forth.

Somebody’s Daughter


What happens when your ex shows up at your door and tells you that you have a daughter and she has been kidnapped? That is exactly what happened to Michael. He quickly explains the situation to his wife and sets

Good Luck With That


What is it like to not only be fat, but obese your entire life? These three women, Emerson, Georgia, and Marley know exactly what it is like. From kids at a fat camp to the struggles of adulthood, these women

All Night With the Cowboy


First, let me say that I do not like the cover. In my head, Tanner does not look like that guy. He looks much better. Anyway, Tanner is a rodeo star who needs to retire. He will not, because he

The Dirty-Talking Cowboy


Emma leaves her marketing job in New York City after a big ordeal that broke her heart and reputation. Leaving her jerk of a fiancé behind, she heads to the ranch her grandmother left her in her will. At the

Too Close To Breathe


It was this genre that began my obsession with books so long ago. I had given up on the genre. It has become filled with cliché books that are clearly all about making the author his or her next pay

The Boss of Her


Sometimes the fun is in the journey rather than the destination. Such is the case with The Boss of Her. This book has three novellas, which are all equally great. None of them have many twists. The endings are rather