Always You


Matt and Anna were going to marry straight out of college until she suddenly changes her mind and moves to London. Both have broken hearts that never quite heal. Many years later, they meet again only to find that those

Until the Sun Sets


What is it like to fall in love with your best friend only to have him throw it all away? Let me tell you that it sucks. Carly lays it all out for him. She become very vulnerable. Then, he

The Future She Left Behind


Katelyn is served divorce papers after nearly two decades of being the perfect corporate wife and mother. It turns out that is a huge blessing. With her pain-in-the-butt mother-in-law in tow, she sets out to her hometown. It is a

Here Comes The Bride


Brandon is a jerk. There is no nice way around that. I am not even referring to the fact that he left his fiancé, Laurie, at the alter. Nope. That was a blessing. Laurie has been his doormat for ten

Her Fake Engagement


Lottie is a single professional in New York. She lives by a rigid set of rules, and her life has gone just as planned. Then, a friend starts planning fake bachelorette parties for the group. This turns her life upside

Maybe I Do


Charlotte is a photographer. Photographing weddings is her bread and butter. The owner of a popular reception venue, Dean, seems to always catch her eye. Years go by, and they flirt, but there is never any more. Then, Charlotte becomes

How to Change a Life


Eloise’s life is not near as sophisticated as she had planned. She is quite okay with that until she reconnects with two old friends from high school. Now, she feels inadequate. The three of them make a bet. They each



Emma moves to Florida to figure out a family mystery. While in Florida, she takes a job as a public defender. Someone wants her out of town as soon as she arrives. Will she pack up and go home? Can

What She Ate


This is an oddly intriguing book. Is it a history book? Is it a culinary book? What is it exactly? It is difficult to label this one, but it is simply interesting. By far the best part of the book

A Perfect Recipe for Love and Friendship

Bridget’s marriage was failing. She decided to divorce. Then, her husband dies. She discovers an endless trail of secrets that he left behind. Wow. Can I relate to that one! Shirley Jump did an excellent job with writing the emotions