Bookshop at Water’s End


Bonny and Lainey have been running from the demons of their childhood. Then, their adult lives start to unravel. Bonny convinces Lainey to return to the beach house of their childhood to reconnect. They bring along their children, including Piper.

Mr. Right-Swipe


Sadly, this book mirrors my life. (Insert eye roll). However, it is funny AF. It is current and relevant to anyone who is single in the modern world. Anyone who is doing the online dating thing must read this book.

So Wicked


This is the third book of this season. It is the best. Lexie left her baby and husband. Nobody knew why–or did they? Six years later, she finds herself doing business with her ex-husband’s best friend. Sparks fly–both good and

Finding You


While in Greece, Dimitri helps her come to terms with her view of the past and her family. He begs her to stay in Greece with him. I loved this book. I now want to go to Greece. The author

The Night the Lights Went Out


We all know that Karen White is one of the best authors on the market. Once again, she has written a great book, The Night the Lights Went Out. Merilee was a mean girl in school. Perhaps it was because

A Fare to Remember


Stevie grew up in a privileged household. However, she wants to earn her own money, not inherit it. She starts driving a taxi. On a dare of sorts, Stevie has sex with a fare, and her life is forever turned

Someone to Love


Willow is a free spirit who owns a cafĂ©. However, she is not as carefree as people seem to think. She falls in love with Ethan, who is her friends’ family member. He recently has been widowed. He is now

Billionaire Beast


This is the best book I have read so far this year. This puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame. All those other “Billionaire” books that other authors write are pathetic attempts to simply sell. This book tells a story

A Small-town Bride


Amy is a spoiled, rich young woman. Her family is the large school of fish in a small pond. Her father kicks her out and cuts her off, hoping it will lead her to accept Grady’s proposal. However, Amy wants



Abbie is trained to protect. At one time, she was hired to protect Congressman Jonathan Lassiter. Then, they became a couple. In this book, her job puts him in danger. She is ready to protect, but his ego gets in