I have not read the first book in the series, but this book stands alone. The characters are awesome. The plot is sweet and catching. I loved this book, and I made every opportunity to read it. I recommend this.

Should’ve Been You


Jase has been in love with Hannah since childhood. Then, he realizes that they will be nothing more than friends. It is after he comes to terms with this that he sees Hannah’s twin, Becca, in a new light. Can

Miracle at Christmas


This is a great Christmas novella, and who doesn’t like a Christmas novella? Debbie Mason always delivers.

Written Off


This is a smartly written book with great characters and many twists. If you want a good mystery, this is a book for you.

The Missing Wife


For those who have never understood why women stay in emotionally abusive relationships, gas lighting, and narcissism, read this book. The author captures the questioning emotions of the battered wife and the small, but many, attempts of her husband to

The Queen of Hearts


Zadie and Emma are best friends. They suffered through medical school together. Now, they are raising kids and building careers together. All is well until an old colleague takes a position at the local hospital. Too many memories are stirred

Always You


Matt and Anna were going to marry straight out of college until she suddenly changes her mind and moves to London. Both have broken hearts that never quite heal. Many years later, they meet again only to find that those

Until the Sun Sets


What is it like to fall in love with your best friend only to have him throw it all away? Let me tell you that it sucks. Carly lays it all out for him. She become very vulnerable. Then, he

The Future She Left Behind


Katelyn is served divorce papers after nearly two decades of being the perfect corporate wife and mother. It turns out that is a huge blessing. With her pain-in-the-butt mother-in-law in tow, she sets out to her hometown. It is a

Here Comes The Bride


Brandon is a jerk. There is no nice way around that. I am not even referring to the fact that he left his fiancé, Laurie, at the alter. Nope. That was a blessing. Laurie has been his doormat for ten