The New Rules


I read The Rules in the 90’s. I obviously failed, since I ended up in a horrible marriage. Anyway, single again, I decided to reread The Rules. Then, I stumbled upon this latest book. It addresses everything about dating in

Can You Just Get Them Through Until Christmas?


The use of lay ministry is to Methodism as bacon is to breakfast. We live in an era where the number of ordained ministers in decreasing, and the number of lay ministers is increasing. The author tells what it is

Grace Is


If you really want to know about Christianity–not religion–read this book. It is a quick read that is written in a conversational manner. I have personally recommended this to so many people. If it life-changing.

Reload Love


Reload Love is not easy to read; however, it is worth the emotional ups and downs. Each page is filled with heartache, yet hope. The reality that these kids in war-torns areas live in is something that I cannot conceive.

A True Cowboy Christmas


Gray came to Abby, his neighbor, with a proposition of marriage. It would be a marriage of convenience from him. It would be a marriage of love for her. Can she win his heart? Can she heal him? This is

A Fearless Leader


I did not think Max would like this. The illustrations did not look inviting to me. Some of the words used are rather big for a 6-year-old, but he loved it! He thought the story was exciting, and it is!

The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times


I avoid Bible prophecy like the plague. Pun intended. It is just so confusing, and quite frankly, not that interesting. Todd Hampson has written and illustrated this simplified guide for all of us who dislike the subject. Unlike a previous

The Seven Deadly Friendships


I grew up with narcissism. Then, I married a narcissistic man. Mary Demuth explains why this is in her book The Seven Deadly Friendships. The answer is that I never healed, so I sought out my “normal”. Normal is comfortable



I was so excited to read this book! It is irreverent yet full of soft love. The author, Nadia Bolz-Weber, describes herself as an unlikely minister. People tire her. She likes to be left alone, yet she is called to

The Exes’ Revenge


The title to this book should grab you. Who doesn’t have an ex you would love to show a little revenge to? However, in this book, three exes get together to not only fulfill their wishes of revenge, but to