The Night the Lights Went Out

We all know that Karen White is one of the best authors on the market. Once again, she has written a great book, The Night the Lights Went Out.

Merilee was a mean girl in school. Perhaps it was because of all the heartache she suffered. Heartache continued to follow her through her adulthood.

She finds out that her husband got her little girl’s math teacher pregnant. Needless to say, she is getting a divorce. Now, she is struggling to be a single mom. Her landlord and the maintenance man become her tribe of supporters.

Heather, a rich elitist, befriends her. However, nobody knows why. Heather is never nice, and she has little in common with Merilee. People warn Merilee, but she pays them no mind.

The coincidences keep piling up until Merilee is arrested for murder of Heather’s husband. Finally, someone figures out that Merilee’s past as a mean girl has followed her.

I simply love the southernisms that only someone who has relocated to the South will understand. I loved this book. I read it at every possible opportunity. I recommend it.